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Fence and Guardrail Specifications

Steelco Fence is "Partnering with our suppliers to connect them to the designers"

External Resources for Fence Specifications:
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Steelco's Resource Brochure


Our custom resource brochure contains website addresses to many of the major fence manufacturers in the USA. Almost all of them have free fence specification pages.

Click the pdf to get the fence resource brochure  ~>

Fence Boston
ASTM Standards for Fence Materials and Products


If you are specifying fence "per ASTM specification...." then this is a must have. It will give you the ASTM numbers to use.


Wording Examples:

  • Chain link fabric to conform with ASTM F668-2B color coated black (or color choice) (F668-2B is fused and bonded coated CLF)

  • Framework and posts to conform to ASTM F1043 Polycoated Black (or your color choice)

Go to the ASTM Website to get this book

Our Fence Specifications:
Fence Boston
Backstops and Ball Fields
Fence Boston
Ornamental Fences
Fence Boston
Wood Fence
Fence Boston
Motorized Gates
Fence Boston
Fence Boston
Chain Link Fence
Fence Boston


CLFMI Product Manual: (CLF-PM0610) This 32-page guidebook provides the user with the nationally-recognized standards of quality for chain link fence fabric and framework. References all applicable ASTM and federal standards.


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