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Common places where screening materials are used:


  • Tennis courts

  • Baseball and football stadiums

  • Construction sites

  • Material storage yards

  • Dumpster enclosures

Solid Board Wood Fence Massachusetts

Many cities and towns throughout the nation are requiring that construction sites be hidden by temporary fencing with site-block fabric or other view obscuring fence material (slats).


Steelco can supply you with a complete line of shielding fabrics which meet most city and county requirements.

Density Chart:

85% is our standard weight product and performs well for most applications.

95% & above site block fabric is great blocking they view, but creates a greater wind load and is more costly than standard material.

94% woven partial screening allows the site to be visible while still providing dust protection

We also install fence screeen on rental fences!

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Football Field Chain Link Fence
Tennis Court Fence w Screen
Rental Fence from Steelco Fence
Windscreen Logo Centrex Rooney

Football Stadium

Foxboro, MA

Tennis Courts


Construction Sites

Logos on Screening


Privacy slats, made from high density polyethylene, come in a variety of heights and colors. They are resistant to severe weather conditions, fading, salt, sand, and road dirt.


Ask us about our slats with a 25-year pro-rata warranty.

Privacy Fence Slats

Color Chart:

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