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Security Fence

When impenetrable security matters, we have the security fence for you!

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Barbwire - Razor Ribbon - Mini Mesh Chain Link Fence - Curved Top Fence - Expanded Metal Fence - Anti-Climb Fence

Barbwire and Razor Ribbon

Razor Ribbon and/or Barbed Wire


Razor Ribbon and/or Barbed Wire and other deterrents make climbing a fence far more difficult and mentally intimidating. Intrusion and motion sensor technology can also be designed into a fence system to help alert security personnel of a potential breach in secured perimeters.The use of razor ribbon, razor tape and razor coils with barbed wire and other deterrents make climbing a fence far more difficult and mentally intimidating.When security is a must, Steelco comes to the rescue with heavy-duty barbed wire. Razor Wire offers the ultimate in security for indoor and outdoor property protection. Commonly used to enhance entry deterrence to chain link fencing, warehouses, enclosures, rooftops, prisons, and and valued inventory control.

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Expanded Metal Mesh/ Diamond Mesh


This fencing is available in both medium and high security grades. It is made from special carbon steel, stainless steel, or aluminum to increase tensile strength, with diamonds small enough that it is virtually impossible to cut, climb or crawl under. The primary purpose of expanded metal mesh is to create a physical perimeter barrier. Basically, expanded metal is a solid sheet of steel that is simultaneously slit and stretched into a rigid, non-raveling open mesh which takes as many as 72 individual cuts to create a 36" hole. Epanded metal mesh can be used to retrofit existing chain-link fence by covering the chain link fence fabric with the expanded mesh. Depending on wind conditions, the existing framework may be strong enough to support the new mesh although some additional support may be required. Expanded metal mesh is primarily specified as hot dip galvanized finished but it is also available with vinyl or powder coating and in black, green and brown.

Expanded Metal Mesh Fence
Mini Mesh Anti Climb Fence

Mini-Mesh Fencing


When higher security is required mini-mesh, expanded metal, and welded wire are just some of the options to consider for fencing materials. Mini-mesh is a very heavy duty, tightly woven chain-link fence that has no toe holds for climbing, can't be easily crawled under, and the weave is too small for bolt cutters. It's simple: the thicker the metal wire or tighter the weave, the more difficult it is to climb and the more time consuming it is to cut. Mini-mesh is a very heavy duty, tightly woven chain link fence that has no toe holds for climbing, can't be easily crawled under, and the weave is too small for bolt cutters. Thicker gauge pipe should be used as end posts, line posts and top rail to support the added weight of mini-mesh or even heavier fence fabrics.

Ornamental High Security Fencing


The Impasse™ Security Fence was designed and engineered to meet the expressed needs of security specialists, consultants and engineers - the need for a value added security fence that delayed forced entry for a time period sufficient to bring secondary security measures into play. To make the Impasse™ system an even more relevant answer to physical security demands, the base design was configured to be easily accessorized with added anti-ram barrier capability and anti-climb inserts, as well as sensor and alarm systems. The high-strength architectural shapes of Impasse™ components were enabled by the high-speed automation of Ameristar’s in-house roll-forming mill. Ameristar’s unique PermaCoat®(double layer) electrostatic powder coating process ensures an appearance that remains aesthetically pleasing for many years. Impasse™ is available in three different styles (triple-pointed, blunt-tipped, and outwardly curved) and four standard colors (black, white, bronze, and desert sand).

Curved Top Ornamental Fence

Concerned about both security and appearance?

Any facility concerned about both security and appearance when setting up a fence as the first physical structure in a multi-faceted security system, need look no further than Steelco Fence. We offer strong steel vertical fence pickets that are much more difficult to cut through than chain link fence or welded wire mesh fence offering both security and a clean look.

Ornamental Fence Boston MA
Ornamental Fence Boston MA

U.S. Department of State's K12 Rated Fence


Vehicle Speed:   50 mph (65 kph)

Vehicle Weight:  15,000 lbs (6800 kg)

Boston, Massachusetts

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  • Chain Link or Ornamenal with Barbwire

  • Expanded Metal with Razor Ribbon

  • Curved Top Fence

  • Government Rated Crash Fencing

Is your business looking for heavy commercial fence and gate?

We are commercial and industrial fence specialists. Our team of professionals can help you install easy to use, reliable and cost effective security fences and gates. Call or email us today!

Overhead Track Gate with Operator

Overhead track gate and security pedestrian gate installed in 2014

Overhead Track Gate with Operator
Security Gate with push button lock
Security gate with door handle

Climb Resistant Fence Mini Mesh


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