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Steelco offers a wide range of wood fencing that combine form with real-world functionality.



Wood fencing provides security, defines boundaries, protects property, and helps control noise, wind and sunlight.


Decorative Functions of Wood Fence:

Wood fence lets you choose from a variety of styles that allow you to choose a style that is attractive, yet secure.. The style and decorative touches of a fencing system can enhance the look of your property and character by becoming an integral part of your landscape.


The traditional wood fence remains a popular choice with consumers. Wood fence is strong, economical, and versatile. It can be combined with chain link, brick, used in ball fields, and even used as temporary fence on construction sites.

Solid Board Fence

Cambridge, MA

Solid Board Wood Fence Massachusetts

Shadow Box

Worcester, MA

Shadow Box Wood Fence Massachusetts
Speared Top Fence Massachusetts
Dog Eared Fence Massachusetts

Click Picture for Picket Style Description

Picture Galleries

Ornamental Fence Granite Posts

Speared Top 42"

Salem, NH

Dog Eared Fence

Fall River, MA

Ornamental Fence Granite Posts
Ornamental Fence Granite Posts
Ornamental Fence Granite Posts

We install all types of wood fence!

Solid Board Fence

Cambridge, MA

Standard Stockade

Framingham,, MA

Ornate Solid Board

Cambridge, MA

Lattice Top Fence

Boston, MA

How about a nice commercial grade wood fence?

Photographers we are not! Wood fence installers we are!

Schools and colleges have been using us for wood fence installation since 1979. Call us today for a beautiful and cost effective wood fence.

Overhead Track Gate with Operator
Security gate with door handle
Security Gate with push button lock

Are you looking for fence repair? Click here to go to the fence repair page or you can contact us for fence repair.

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