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Ornamental Steel and Aluminum Fence

When you need a combination of beauty, security, and function call Steelco Fence!

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Steelco Fence offers businesses, municipal and state agencies, schools and colleges, architects and developers value-added ornamental fences with high quality materials and affordable prices. We offer a full line of steel and aluminum ornamental fences through a wide variety of manufacturers worldwide.


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Picture Galleries

Ornamental Fence Granite Posts

Granite Post Option

Merrimack MA Cemetery

Ornamental Fence Granite Posts

Ornamental with Rings

Boston, MA

Ornamental Fence Granite Posts

Cemetery Fence

Pine Haven Cemetery

Ornamental Iron Fence Boston

I'm Loving It!

Fence at the E. Boston Library

Ornamental Fence with Rings


Ornamental Fence Scroll Top


Ornamental Fence Scroll Top


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Call us for more information or visit our Architect's Page for technical specifications.

Any facility concerned about both security and appearance when setting up a fence as the first physical structure in a multi-faceted security system, need look no further than Steelco Fence. We offer strong steel vertical pickets are much more difficult to cut through than chain-link or welded wire mesh offering both security and a clean look. The separation of rails and

Ornamental Fence Boston MA

Concerned about both security and appearance?

tall pickets discourage climbing attempts, particularly with the curved and pointed top design option.

USS Constitution, Charlestown MA


Ornamental Fence Boston MA

The beautiful fence below is government rated crash fence!

U.S. Department of State's K12 Rated Fence


Vehicle Speed:   50 mph (65 kph)

Vehicle Weight:  15,000 lbs (6800 kg)

Boston, Massachusetts

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